Let's Make a Wish List

YouTube Tutorial by Code Queen Nayeli
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Create a Database with Items

Create at least 5 fields for your Item:  Name, Description, Image, Price, URL

Let's pretend that only the Admin can add and edit product information, so set the database permissions to Admin add, Admin modify, Admin delete, and Anyone view

  • Pause Video if you need time.
  • View other YouTube Videos

Create Dynamic Item Page

Design how you like, and make sure permissions on dataset are Read Only.

If you are displaying information you are collecting make sure to check database permissions!


  • Dynamic Item Page is to display your data
  • Add information manually or use a form
  • Set form to public or private view/access

Create a Regular Pages

You don't always need a dynamic page (especially not for everything).  Resist!  Simply decide how you want to display your 'wish list'. In a gallery? In a table?


  • Make a page to display All Items
  • Make a page to display Wish List
  • Dataset should be set to Ready Only!

Have fun on Wix Code!

Your creativity is your limit.  Many things are possible now.  Get creative ;)
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